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September 14, 2011

News Flash #3: Haff & Haff Hiatus

Where the hell have you guys been?

you ask.    Well, it’s not complicated.  We, Logan and Brandon Haffner, the visionary co-founders of fresh and hip Haff and Haff movie blog, are a couple of lazy bastards.  So shoot us.

A less self-deprecating reason for our absence: the current films gracing theaters this summer have been reliably and relentlessly awful. If we lived in New York, L.A., or Chicago (someplace with an indie film scene) we wouldn’t be having this problem.  Hell, we’d probably have our own film festival by now.  But when our only options are Spy Kids: All The Time in the World in 3-D, Creature (soon to be known as one of the biggest box office flops of all time), and Harry Potter 26: Curse of the Vibrating Broomstick, can you blame us for not wanting to make the 30 second drive to the theater?

Regarding non-new-releases, however, there’s been no shortage of movie watching, we can assure you.  We’re seeing plenty of oldies-but-goodies in all genres.  We’ve had time for some oldies-but-baddies, too.

As Oscar season again approaches, I hope you’re all looking forward to some scintillating H & H reviews, because they’ll be aplenty.  If you have requests, be sure to comment and let us know.

In the meantime, don’t get lost out there without us.  I know it can be confusing (no, guys, don’t see that doofy film “The Help;” it’s only pretending to be Oscar material), but we’re sure you’ll make it through.  Somehow.

Talk soon,

H & H

July 1, 2011

News Flash # 2

Fourth of July Weekend

Hey there, Haff & Haff universe. We regret to inform you that this weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, we will be unable to post movie reviews as we will be away on a family camping trip. I urge you all to do the same, people. Spend this weekend with family and loved ones in the woods, at night, with no computers. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

The good news is that this absence on our part could not come at a better time. Upon our return, we shall begin the the 2nd of our theme weeks, and what better way to celebrate the holiday weekend with movies of war. A week of 6 consecutive war movies, and this week we shall review two different movies on each day, leading to a total of 12 movie reviews by the end of the week. We hope this is an acceptable payment for this weekend’s absence.

Keep yourselves busy, friends. We anxiously await our return to the blogosphere. Until then, all the best.

-Logan and Brandon Haffner

June 5, 2011

Haff & Haff News Flash #1

Theme Week #1, “Campy

Low-Budget Horror/Thriller

Movies” Begins Tomorrow!

Brandon & Logan Haffner

We are pleased to announce that tomorrow, Monday June 6th, will be our first day of Haff & Haff Campy Low-Budget film week.  The plan is to review several movies in this genre, around one per day, for the whole week.  The reviews have been several weeks in the making.

But how will we rate each of these gems, you ask?  After much debate, we’ve decided to rate each movie on the normal Haff & Haff 0-10 scale in addition to a letter grade that evaluates the movie’s performance against other films in the same genre. Why? Well, we figured it would get a little old giving these (generally) horrible movies all 1/10, and each film does provide a slightly different level of entertainment value. The whole point of our “Theme Weeks” are to both review these movies as movies standing alone, as well as rating how they stand up against other movies of the same variety.

Theme Weeks will continue to show up now and again, and we will rate specific genres or movies linked by common directors, actors, or characteristics (such as films based off of books, based off of video games, super hero movies, etc.). Each week we’ll post a review on each week day (save for Wednesday, which is reserved for the Wacky), and we’ll have our last two as the regularly scheduled weekend postings.

Eventually we’d like to spawn a modest film festival from these “Theme Weeks,” but that’s probably a couple years down the line.  In the meantime, why are we doing this? Little known fact: we love what we do. We could say it’s for you, the reader, but really? We’re just pretty good at finding excuses to watch more movies.