A Movie To End All Movies

The Hunger Games – 1/10

Logan Haffner

This movie is bad. The plot is boring, predictable, and flat. The characters are forced, and you can feel the movie trying to tug you in emotional directions instead of letting you make decisions on your own like a big boy. I’ve never read the books, and still I found myself finishing character’s lines. I’m still mad at Woody Harrelson for agreeing to be in it. Not to mention, does anyone remember Jennifer Lawrence from last year’s “Winter’s Bone”? When she was nominated for an Oscar on her first A list movie ever? What the f*ck happened there?

I’m tired of people telling me this movie is better if you’ve seen the books. First of all: no. It’s not. This movie is shit, a book doesn’t make it better. Second of all, movies based off of books should be able to stand alone as entertainment media. I don’t want to have to read a shit book to better understand a shit movie.

The problem with The Hunger Games, as opposed to other movies based of books that weren’t done well is that they assumed everyone watching the movie HAD read the books. So not only are we left with an overly simplified version of book, we’re left with tons of unanswered questions about almost every aspect of the games and this world they exist in. Not to mention, the books are supposedly prided on being gruesome and gritty, and the movie fast-forwards over the violent bits, giving the audience a very shallow sense of the danger the kids face. In contrast, slow and almost pointless scenes are drawn out almost to the point of agony.

It takes a lot for a movie to get this low of a rating from me. I drop a 1 on this movie because I left the theater feeling absolutely nothing. No. Wait. I was hungry. I hadn’t eaten for, like, 7 hours.


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