Drag Me to Hell SUPERCHARGED XL 2000

The Cabin in the Woods: 7/10

Brandon Haffner

“The Cabin in the Woods” is erroneously (although perhaps intentionally so) being billed as a horror movie.  It’s very clearly a comedy.  There’s really no “horror” at all.  And it’s much too easy (and inaccurate) to call “Cabin” a straight parody, too, because it’s much more than that.  It uses humor and whimsy to send a message to horror movie audiences to encourage them that it’s time to move beyond the horror movie cliches.

I don’t know why it’s not doing better at the box office.  It’s great for all audiences.  It’s sort of designed for the long-con, too; there’s plenty of real horror-movie setup for those who actually want to see the horror cliches unfold.  You do get the cliches.  You also get a hell of a lot more than that.  In short, go see it for yourself.



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